Avoid food waste, address food poverty

Contribute to NFWI’s food waste map:

Tweet, email, or send in by post a photograph of what food waste means to you, along with your location. It can be a discarded bag of chips, a bin full of food, or something more abstract. The NFWI will be populating a map of England and Wales with our photos to use as a powerful visual aid for AMs, MPs and retailers. Please email pa@nfwi.org.uk


Share your food waste stories:

Are you a farmer who’s had an order cancelled at the last minute, or a consumer who’s noticed a supermarket practice that you feel is contributing to your own or someone else’s food waste? Share your stories with us.


Contact your local food bank or charity:

Find out if there is a food bank local to you and get in touch to find out more about the work they do, the services they offer and whether there are opportunities to get involved.

We are trying to get a more accurate picture of food banks today, so please let us know if your local food bank is offering additional services other than food aid (for example employment advice) or is run by an organisation other than the Trussell Trust.



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