Each WI is  different so come along as a visitor and try us out to see whether we are right for you.

When you visit there is no obligation to join all we ask is that you pay a small £4 visitors fee.

If you decide that you want to join (and we hope you do) the annual membership subscription fee for 2020 is £43.00.

If you have not been a WI member before you will pay a pro-rata subscription depending on the quarter in which you join:

Date of joining 2020               Total subscription due 2020
1 January – 31 March                                   £43.00
1 April – 30 June                                            £32.25
1 July – 30 September                                   £21.50
1 October – 31 December                             £10.75

Visitors are very welcome at most meetings, the exceptions are usually the summer social and the birthday meal as well as any meetings that take place in members’ homes such as book club and craft group meetings.