In addition to the eleven core WI Monthly Meetings we hold each year,  we have a number of extra groups who meet regularly.  All groups have been created by and are run by members for members.

To participate in one or more of the following groups you need to be a full member of Kirby Hill WI.

Please note as some groups meet in members houses numbers are restricted.

If you have an idea for a group and are wondering if others might be interested, propose it at a meeting and let’s see who is interested.


Book Club

Book Club meets monthly in a members home.  Meetings are held during the day and books are provided by Boroughbridge Library.  At each meeting the following month’s meeting date is agreed.  For more information contact

Pudding Club

Pudding Club is one of the four food related groups that meets each month (we like our food!).

Pudding Club meets monthly in a member’s home at 7.30 pm in the evening.  Two people prepare starters and two prepare desserts (i.e. there are four small courses),  members provide all food, wine and soft drinks on an informal rota basis.  Pudding Club has a very relaxed format, anything goes food wise (Angel Delight has even appeared as an emergency dessert).   It is a chance to try out new recipes or open a packet of shop bought goods, it really doesn’t matter.  What does matter is the good conversation and friendship.

We are currently at full capacity, however if you are interested in joining should a space become free contact or talk to a member of the committee.


Monthly coffee and cake, lunch and dinner clubs

Each month there are three extra opportunities to meet other members informally over a bite to eat.

Coffee and cake: Dates and times of the meets are announced at our WI Monthly meeting, in the past the group has met at B.E.A.N Vintage, Listers Farm Shop  and other coffee shops.  Numbers are not restricted and lifts can be arranged with other members. Members pay for their own food and drink.

Lunch and dinner clubs:  Each month boards will be circulated at our WI Monthly meeting indicating where and when the lunch/dinner clubs will be meeting.  If you are interested sign your name and a table booking will be made, it is that simple.  You only need to attend the meals you want to attend. Numbers are not restricted and again lifts can be arranged with other members. Members pay for their own food and drink.


Craft Group – New for 2019

Craft Group will meet monthly in a member’s home. Meetings will be held in the evening @ 7.30 pm.  This group is being created to give members the opportunity to try out and teach others a variety of crafts.  If you are interested in participating email