Role of the committee

The Kirby Hill WI  committee is made up of several members. The role of the committee is to organise meetings and events, to administer funds,  to take care of the day to day running of the WI group and to keep up to date with and suggest WI policy, plans of action and campaigns and present information to members each month for approval.

How committee members are elected

Committee members are elected at our Annual Meeting in November each year.  Nominations for committee are sought ahead of that time.  You do not have to have been a WI member for a minimum period of time to serve on the committee, in fact we encourage new members to consider election for the committee as it can be a great way to meet people and to get involved with the running of our WI group.  It also helps bring in new ideas which keeps our WI fresh.

During the year occasionally sub committees are created and additional members may be co-opted to the committee for specific duties.

WI Officers

To exist a WI needs to have at least eight members, three of whom are willing to hold the offices of: President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Each year at the annual meeting the members elect a President, from the eligible committee members, in a secret ballot (to be eligible to be elected President a committee member needs to be present at the meeting).

Once elected the President agrees to serve in that role for the next 12 months.  While some stability can be beneficial , we believe having the same President for too long can make a WI stale, we therefore encourage any President who is re-elected not to seek re-election after serving three consecutive years.

Once a President has been selected a secretary, treasurer and at least one vice president are selected from and by the committee.

2019/2020 Committee 

President: Jean Morris

Secretary: Anne-Marie Thompson

Treasurer: Anne Cheeseman

Programme Secretary: Anne Collins